The Wyrm Has Hatched


Becky comes from a family of artists – each with their own unique talents.  Many hours as a child were spent in her grandfather’s carpentry shop, father’s jewelry store, and mother’s painting studio.  Mix together all of the fine detail, plus a love of stained glass design, and she found wood intarsia to be a perfect artistic medium.

A self-taught woodworker, Becky enjoys drafting her own patterns for projects.  Where many modern intarsia artists employ an almost sculptural aspect to their designs, Becky prefers to follow the 14th-16th century style of imagery.  To do this, she uses woods in varying shades to achieve areas of light and shadow.

As a paleontologist Becky puts together fossil puzzles every day, so puzzles made out of wood aren’t that different!  Each piece is cut and fit by hand to make a picture.  Whether a pet portrait, flower, small ornament, or large scene, she hopes people will appreciate nature’s rainbow of trees.  She runs a one-woman-woodshop, so while projects take time, she hopes to make them worth your while.