It is always an honor to be entrusted with a pet memorial or portrait.  It’s not just a matter of creating a tabby cat, but YOUR tabby cat.  Not a run-of-the-mill German Shepherd, but YOUR four-legged furry.  Pets are like people – you can’t make a generic portrait, and pass it off as an individual pet.  A goofy expression, a gap-toothed-grin, the turn of an ear, or squint of an eye – all those quirks make up who your pet is!

To create a good pet portrait, I need a higher-resolution image of your critter.  Please do not send a photo in one position, and request a different pose.  No matter how hard I try, it won’t look right to you, the owner.  I can mix and match photos – so if you have one photo where you like how the body is positioned, and another with the head, I can combine the two into one image.

Pet portraits have a $50 pattern fee on top of the production cost.  I will be making a pattern I can only use once, and need to account for that time.