Sander III + Saw

When it rains it pours!  So my second sander (I should really name these things) is working well.  Set my Craftsman sander aside for repairs.  Over the weekend, my saw decided it needed a break.  No!  Amidst other things, I watched a few hours worth of YouTube videos with one Bob Brokaw (who really knows his stuff) on how to disassemble (no disassemble!) a DeWalt 788 Type 2 scroll saw.

Basic machine, not a lot of fancy parts – but I do not have some of the needed tools for the investigation.  I’ll pay for time – so brought it in to ACME to see what they can do.  Brought the sander in at the same time.  Repair guy seemed positive about fixing the saw, but told me they don’t have parts for Craftsman – that’s a Sears thing.  Ok.  All it needs is a new sanding guide put in – can’t be that bad.  I’ll bring it to Sears.

At Sears, they told me it would cost $50 to just look at it, and then another $50-100 for the repair, which adds up to more than the sander is worth!  Urghurgurg!  So, because the piece I need to replace is actually WELDED in place, and I’d have to swap out an entire working piece, I’ll be bolting on a home-remedy instead.  Ah well.

So what does this all mean?  It means I’m stuck drafting patterns until I get my saw back.  No sawdust.  Drat.


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