Perfect Fit

wyrmsketchSometimes a pattern just falls in to place.  I’m working on a sign for myself / my shop, which is the same proportions of a business card (see where I’m going here?).  In the sketch, you can see some of my thinking process.  Some digital (text), some pencil, a little pen for clear detail, etc.  In the current rendition, the belly scales have changed (4 times…), as well as the scales, but the overall feel is the same.  The pattern is to the point where I have redrawn it yet again in photoshop, added directional lines, divided up color families… and am now isolating each section on to the appropriate wood type.  This means I’m sifting through my stock in the hopes that it is large enough to fit pattern blocks.  Three times now I’ve placed my pattern over a chunk of wood, and the wood juuuuuust fits!  With maybe 1/32″ to spare.

It’s awesome…  I can’t wait to start cutting out this piece!  I’m adding some non-wood elements as well, since it’s just for me.  I have some left over ivory from when my Mother worked with scrimshaw (teeth, eye), some abalone (eye, scales), and a real ammonite (hanging bauble) that I’ll fit in.  Once it’s done – my sign, and yes, business cards, will be ready to go.

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