Sindora burl

I have a tendency to hoard wood bits for special projects… I have a number of burl pieces (amboyna, thuya, etc.) squirreled away, but haven’t worked too much with them yet.  Last night I decided to add a burl into the mix for my Eastern Wood Whelp series, giving me a chance to at last experiment.

It was… unique.  Because of its structure, there wasn’t a distinct grain I had to fight.  Rather, there were sections of soft and hard, and under my pattern it was fairly unpredictable what was going to be where.  For instance, take a Red Delicious apple (which I hate, and don’t know how anyone could classify it as “delicious”) – kind of a mealy texture.  The burl struck me as a similar feel.  Not that I’ve ever cut into an apple with my scroll saw, mind you.


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